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We'll constantly keep your payroll up-to-date and on-time.

Managing and processing your payroll can be extremely stressful and time consuming and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest legislation and correct procedure. By letting us look after this aspect of your business, you can be free to concentrate on growth and improvement of your business.

We are always up to date on any legislative changes that could affect your organisation. With PolAcc looking after your payroll you can be sure that all statutory requirements are complied with, employees' salaries and HMRC liabilities are paid correctly and always submitted on time.

We process all payroll data through powerful software and generate weekly or monthly payslips as well as fully customised management reports.

We also look after all year end payroll procedures and form submission, saving you from any headaches. We print off all necessary documentation such as P11D, P35 and P60 forms, and file these over the internet.

For help with any of your payroll, accountancy and tax needs, please give us a call. All initial consultations are free of charge.

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