Green Issues

Even though no accountancy practice creates big pollution, we do recognise the need to reduce environmental impact by every organisation regardless of its size.

Therefore, we have set up few principles and goals that we strive to adhere in order to do our bit. So you can count on that:

  • We will strive to minimise our own ecological impact by recycling paper we use.
  • We will use environmentally friendly electrical equipment this includes our computer equipment, printers and etc.
  • We will help to promote and encourage individuals, businesses and third sector organisations to minimise their impacts.

We want to help and encourage you to reduce environmental impacts, particularly carbon pollution. We believe that if small organisations reduce their carbon pollution, they will also be reducing their negative impacts on the environment in terms of other pollution, habitat destruction and over exploitation of resources.

In this section of our website we will post the links to other websites which will contain information that will help others to gain more knowledge and information on the ways we the business can reduce its environmental impact.

We hope that you find this information useful.

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